19 September 2011

Seeing red

Congratulations to His Excellency Bishop Peter Libasci the new Bishop of Manchester up there in New Hampshire.

Hopefully there's a good MC in NH who can give his new bishop some advice about the choice of hats and what to with pectoral crosses on chains.


  1. Rockville Centre (Long Island)'s loss is New Hampshire's gain! Sorry to lose him.

  2. Bill Scott, what are his views on TLM, etc.?

  3. I don't know the Bishop's opinion of TLM, but he is bi-ritual, celebrating Mass in the Byzantine Ruthenian rite, also.

    If you go to the Bishop's page at the Diocese of Rockville Centre, http://www.drvc.org/auxiliary-bishops/the-most-reverend-peter-a.-libasci.html you'll see a correct picture of Bishop Libasci. The picture above is that of the current Bishop of RVC, William Murphy.

  4. @Bill Scott: Thanks, Bill. Very reassuring.

  5. Will he visit he imprisoned priests who are only a short walk from the Chancery?

    (I can't seem to log into my Blogger)