7 October 2011

Save the Altar Girls

An endangered species (left)
The times they are a changin'. It seems that liberal liturgists and theologians are so worried about the plight of altar girls in some places that they have started a "Save the Altar Girls" campaign to rescue this endangered species.

"Moves to limit laywomen’s access to the altar threaten to drag the church back into the pre-Vatican II world. One wonders if next the altar rail will return, another barrier between the priests and the people" they whine.
If you want to read more of the drivel being written about all of this go over to America magazine and enjoy. It is a lesson in the bad liturgy and bad theology that has plagued the Church for the past few decades.

But for sure, it's a good sign that these people are worried.

Meantime, why not send a note of appreciation to pastors who keep the tradition of male servers at the altar?

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