18 January 2011

Fr Andrew Burnham responsible for Ordinariate Liturgy

Fr Nichols preaching last Sunday at the Oxford Oratory
Preaching at the Oratory over there in Oxford last Sunday at the first Mass in full Communion with the Catholic Church of the former Anglican Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Father Andrew Burnham, Father Aidan Nichols OP spoke of the service any priest gives to the Church and, quoting Cardinal Newman, of the task of bringing the riches of the Anglican Communion into the life of the Catholic Church.
Father Nichols then made something of an announcement: “Andrew has already begun working on the liturgical dimension of this, entrusted by the Holy See with co-ordinating efforts on that front, in recognition of his outstanding competence in that area.”
The Pimpernel’s previous post referred to Father Burnham’s book Heaven and Earth in Little Space.  That the author of this wise and balanced study is co-ordinating the work of bringing together the liturgical treasures that will form the liturgy of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham (and beyond?) is very good news. Burnham is a scholar, a pastor and a musician who knows the breadth and riches of liturgical tradition and who is well aware of the mistakes made in liturgical reform in the twentieth century.

All strength to your work Father Burnham!

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  1. Is Fr.Burnham going to coordinate bringing back the riches to the Roman Rite after he is finished with this job?