13 January 2011

Happy feast

Depending upon what liturgical calendar you follow, in the Christian West today is the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (1962), the Octave Day of the Epiphany (pre-1955), Thursday of the first week of Ordinary Time (1969) or Saint Sylvester (pre-1582).

Happy feast of whatever.

With calendar reforms and the ability of Bishops to transfer feasts to other days, which they've being doing for longer than just modern times, anyone can be forgiven for getting confused about the the calendar after Christmas. What date was Epiphany where you are this year? What date will it be next year? It is a liturgical and pastoral mess that cries out to heaven for vengeance.

A kind reader has brought to the Pimpernel's attention an interesting article that raises some good points over at the New Theological Movement. It is well worth a read.


  1. For Eastern Catholics who follow the Julian Calendar, it's the Feast of the Circumcision of the Lord and St. Basil the Great (1 January).

  2. The article is very good and useful. I think it's best to go back behind the reforms and have and use the St lawrence Press Ordo, sn excellently produced one which has all the feast and rubrics pre-1955 and there are wall calendars with the same, and a big help if you use the Gueranger Liturgical Year. Alan Robinson