2 March 2011

The new church at Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Lilas

Who said the Church in France was dying? This new Church in the suburbs of Paris was consecrated by the Bishop of Saint-Denis on January 30th. Many things could be said about it, but it certainly refelects a particular vision of Church.


The old church, next door, is to be deconsecrated and demolished. The entire project includes a brand-new presbytery and pastoral centre.

There are more photos here and for those with a strong stomach a full video here. Bishop Delannoy's crozier us well worth seeing.

After and Before


  1. I saw the first part of the video. Maybe the bishop is a hockey fan. His crozier looks like a hockey stick and, if you remove the pews, this church seems like a decent arena for a two against two game.
    If I were to make a nice comment, I would say it does make a nice auditorium, worthy of the Assemblies of God.

  2. As soon as I saw the first photo I thought of a song from the early 1980's called "Don't Box me in"
    I think these words from the somg are apt
    "Don't box me in
    One day I'll show them just what I'm made of
    There'll be a time when I won't remember what I was afraid of
    And I'll be swimming in the sea, no banging on this glass for me
    My eyes turned red when my life turned blue
    So I'm leaving everything, that's true
    And I'll jump into a brand new skin
    and then you won't be able to box me in"

  3. Lots of self-intinction going on at Holy Communion!

  4. Is the hocky stick the new french standard? Amacing! Mike Forbes, Minnesota