8 March 2011

Thiberville two weeks on

Well, the Bishop of Evreaux has succeeded in driving lots people away from Mass in the parish of Thiberville. Whilst the former Pastor celebrates Mass daily and privately in the old rectory opposite the parish church, the Masses celebrated by the new priests are boycotted and practically empty. A photo essay on last Sunday's fiasco can be found on the blog set up to support the forcibly-retired Pastor here.

One photo in particular summs up the care for the people of Thiberville by their bishop and by the new priests sent there for Mass. It is this one of the Sunday evening Mass in the old rite which last Sunday was Quinqagessima Sunday.

Some readers will insist that the Pimpernel is being pharisaical or even an "arse" for seeing any problem here, or perhaps they will sob that everything had to be done in haste and that poor Father wasn't that used to celebrating these rites, and that that makes everything just swell.

Folks, the sacred liturgy and the good people of Thiberville deserve better. It also seems that, apart from the five people who actually attended this Mass, the people of Thiberville are prepared to insist on it.

UPDATE: A video of the start of this Mass has been posted here.


  1. I never imagined I would say this: why doesn't the SSPX set up shop in Thiberville? Immediately?

    I feel as if I'm back in the days where I'm a good old-fashioned Chalcedonian Catholic, and the new bishop is an Arian. I hate opposing the bishop's will, but what to do when the bishop seems intent on squeezing out the last sparks of life in his diocese?

  2. The bishop is most likely an Arian. I somehow doubt that he believes most of what is the Catechism of the Catholic Church. He is probably just a model modernist like most of the French clergy. Calling in the SSPX almost sounds like a good idea. I must admit that I would take morbid joy in the bishops reaction if this actually happened or if the old Cure' "converted" to the SSPX.

  3. One must wonder if the salvation of their souls is really worth the fight. As unfortunate as their case may be, one does NOT fulfill the Sunday obligation by gathering for the rosary before Mass and then leaving. They are doing that intentionally and so are committing mortal sin by missing Mass. The Mass is not a political pawn to be used to get one's way. It would be better to attend Mass and boycott the collection basket.

  4. A new father Michel Video with Spanish subtitles:


  5. Rather than embracing the SSPX, ignoring the collection plate, or anything else, the time has at last arrived for good Roman Catholics to simply convert to Eastern Orthodoxy. Rome has made such a mess of everything since the end of Vatican II. It is the simple and patient people in the pews who should effect the reunion of the churches.

    Don't wait for silly old men in Rome to give you instructions and don't permit them to play with your mind. Just cross the Tiber to Constantinople and be done with it.

    Pope Benedict (Vicar of St. Peter) will be rowing Peter's barque himself at this rate with a modicum of assistance from Cardinals Burke, Sodano, Pell, and Llovera and a few others. They can catch up with the rest of us later to join us in embracing the ancient patriarchates. Which, unlike the See of Rome, have preserved the one true faith and the integrity of the holy mysteries unsullied and uncorrupted. Too bad the same cannot be said of the Patriarch of Rome (formerly of the west).