16 April 2011

Book alert

Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and Architecture, the proceedings of the second Fota Conference are now available.

From the publisher's website:
Introduction: sacred space, D. Vincent Twomey SVD
The concept of beauty in the writings of Joseph Ratzinger. George Cardinal Pell
The fairest and the formless: the face of Christ as criterion for Christian beauty according to Joseph Ratzinger, Joseph Murphy
The ‘Triumph of Orthodoxy’ and the future of Western ecclesiastical art, Janet E. Rutherford
What has beauty to do with reason? The philosophical foundations of liturgical aesthetics, Daniel B. Gallagher
Noble simplicity revisited, Alcuin Reid
Benedict XVI and the theological foundations of church architecture, Uwe Michael Lang
The nuptial meaning of classic church architecture, Helen Ratner Dietz
The galilee chapel: a mediaeval notion come of age, Neil J. Roy
All the great works of art are a manifestation of God: Pope Benedict XVI and the architecture of beauty, Duncan Stroik
The third revival: new Gothic and Romanesque Catholic architecture in North America, Ethan Anthony
USA readers can order it here. UK readers can order it here. Enjoy. 

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