20 April 2011

More than a Protonotary Apostolic

The man in pontificals in the picture above is Mgr Keith Newton. He is picutred at Southwark Cathedral after receiving former Anglicans into full communion with the Church on Tuesday. Note the crozier. He is not just a Protonotary Apostolic, but an Ordinary.

The Pimpernel wishes him and all his growing flock a fruitful Triduum and a joyous Eastertide.

1 comment:

  1. So basically...he can do pretty much everything but ordain. Heck, according to the medieval model (whereby abbots and such got votes), the Pope could even delegate him a vote at an ecumenical council.

    I know the episcopate is ontologically different and all that. But one wonders what the practical difference is here, why not just make men like this bishops except out of the notion that bishops can never be married.