11 May 2011

The Explanation of the Instruction on the Motu Proprio

Friday is a big day for Cardinal Levada
 Today's announcmement of the Instruction Universae Ecclesiae includes one very interesting sentence: "Con il testo dell’Istruzione verrà fornita anche una Nota redazionale."

So there is to be an Explanation of the Instruction which is itself being issued to clarify the Motu Proprio.

The Pimpernel wonders just what will need explaining? Will the explanation try to water the Instruction down? Perhaps those who tried, and failed, to get a restrictive text past the Pope are making one last attempt? Or perhaps the Explanation will reinforce it.

Friday will reveal all. Unless, of course, a certain priest's honourable "unless" comes to pass ("I will honor the embargo, unless someone else breaks it.") Then we may know sooner.


  1. Will this be another CYA document by the bunglers in the Congregation of Divine Worship all in a tizzy over what to do about the worsening liturgical civil war, or the growing dissatisfaction with the Anglophone missal (the Pell/Moroney folly) nobody seems to really like?

    Something tells me Friday's announcement will be a much watered down series of statements from what was originally drafted. All written and revised in an atmosphere where the Anglican Ordinariate is turning out to be the disaster many Catholics and Anglicans predicted it would be, and the pope's last motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum" now more notorious for being honored in the breach than in it's observance.

    Don't start chanting your Te Deums too soon.

  2. This sequel to "Summorum Pontificum" illustrates whatever hope there was of the Tridentine rite of 1962 supplanting the Pauline novus ordo has been dashed against the rocks by "the Rock" himself.

    Reading between the lines of UE, it appears to be generous in it's provisions, but it is also restrictive making it extremely difficult for bishops to comply. I expect Rome will be deluged with appeals for indults relieving bishops from many of UE's provisions. Any one want to wager how many indults are granted? I would say most will be.

    The Vatican, believe it or not, has a long history of being generous in granting indults in the area of the liturgy.

  3. Cardinal LeVada should petition the Los Angeles city fathers to insert a star in the sidewalks of his native city. To honor him for creating the most hilarious document to come out of the Vatican in its history.

    After 3 billion dollars worth of costs to the American Catholic Church, with countless bishops and priests coming closer and closer under scrutiny, with an archbishop in Philadelphia who could eventually end up in prison, and the Church is NOW told to obey civil laws? Who wrote LeVada's script, the Marx Brothers?