9 May 2011

The real issue in Toowoomba: General Absolution

The deposed Bishop of Toowoomba, William Morris, is a liberal martyr. Anyone who has read anything he has said or written about his removal can see that. If you need another dose, there is a nice video interview with the bishop here.

But he is not a martyr for his advocacy of the ordination of women or the validity of non-Catholic Christian ordinations. Nor is he the victim of a tyrant-Pope. At least not according to another (ageing) liberal Bishop, Geoffrey Robinson, who retired early as an Auxiliary Bishop of Sydney at the age of 66 in 2004. According to Bishop Robinson in an interview given here it was because Bishop Morris would not desist with his support for the ordinary use of General Absolution in his diocese that he was removed.

The Pimpernel wishes Bishop Morris a happy retirement.

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