22 May 2011

Modern Roman Rite Patrimony?

A photo of deacons ordained by the Bishop of Portsmouth, England, recently from the Ordinariate Portal website. More photos here. The Pimpernel wonders what the ordinands and their fellow-travellers thought of the altar-table? Perhaps they would be best avoiding Modern Roman Rite patrimony in their liturgy. 

An altar?


  1. The inadequacies of the liturgical arrangement are made up for by the warmth of welcome and the assurance of sacramental validity for these chaps - I think it's a case of grin and bear it until they get their own places; at least I hope so...

  2. What is it? A front hall table for very questionable decorating? A french Probincial tea table? Really, what is it?

    I have never seen anything so unsplendid, so dimminutive, so cramped passing itself off as an altar. I will not even comment on the color scheme. Is this a Cathedral? Mike Forbes+

  3. I've seen some circular altars much larger and
    perfect for saying mass. This table looks more
    like an end table designed to hold a lamp and an ashtray.

    Why so small and so insignificant and for a concelebrated mass at that? Is this another indication that "the smoke of Satan" is still working in the Church?

  4. Like numerous 'good ideas' (the font in Salisbury Cathedral being another example), it's a nice thing but in the wrong place serving the wrong purpose (i.e. a church as an altar). The reordering at Portsmouth is pretty good, actually - keeping the Pugin-style colours and shapes. It could have been a lot worse. This is, perhaps, the worst of it.

  5. The Bishop appears to not being wearing an amice, as his roman collar is visible?

  6. St John Looks happier then the Bishope does!

  7. A canopy would be great :)
    Jokes aside - altar-table is historic proto-form of christian altar. The thing is it wasn't circular but square in form, and it was covered to the floor. It either had 4 or 5 legs (4 in corners and one in center - like the present orthodox) or one (in center - http://www.flickr.com/photos/jimforest/2537489397/sizes/o/in/set-72157612694892485/ ).

    But yeah, this is a disgrace...