5 May 2011

No Council, not even Trent or Vatican I, and much less Vatican II, is above Tradition.

In Italy there is one hell of a row errupting over the "hermeneutic of continutiy" and Vatican II. Professor Roberto de Mattei's latest contribution includes the statement, "No Council, not even Trent or Vatican I, and much less Vatican II, is above Tradition."

Some people, including Archbishop Agostino Marchetto, are calling him a right-wing extremist in places like L'Osservatore Romano. 

His article "A council can also make mistakes" doesn't get to the liturgical implications of his argument, but that's just one step away. It's well worth a read.


  1. Thank you. Very interesting. Read his article and tweeted yours.

    God bless!

  2. All councils should be within tradition, as is for the interpretation of scripture and all dogma. Nothing new here. Prof Robert is certainly an extremist for those who worship Vat. II as the "New Pentecost", as dogma made into infallible action for "our time".

  3. Tradition is not above rebuke, alteration, and repudiation. If it is traditional to say 2 plus 2 equal 9 in the 10th century, it doesn't become true, or worthy of maintenance simply because it is the tradition. This discussion is a further example of the undermining of Vatican II and the Church by the new Nazism within the Catholic Church. All in the name of returning to "tradition". It illustrates a rebirth of Pontificalism,the neo-Caesarian imperium given new life by the Bavarian bureaucrat and the fascist toadies in his service.

  4. Conservatives see Pope Benedict moving to enshrine the liturgical heritage of Vatican II and this is their last ditched effort to stop it from happening. It will fail as the effort to restore the museum piece liturgy has failed.

    Bishops are up in arms throughout the world, giving fresh impetus to the New Conciliarism. Which means they're telling Benedict, don't even think about changing the Novus Ordo along the lines being advanced by the so-called "traditionalists". There will be consequences if you do.

  5. because there does not exist any truth, historical, scientific, political, philosophical, that could ever be wielded against the Church.
    Is this the new faith which is emerging out of the mists of 16th century ultramontanism? A plunge into a mystery cult raising St. Pius V and Blessed Pio Nono to the rank of the new prophets of a Catholic golden age, a Catholic Revival in Europe? I certainly hope not.

    I think the archbishop and "L'Osservatore Romano" are correct in their assessment of the professor's views. With friends like deMattei, our Holy Father should be wondering what his enemies might be like.

  6. Sixteenth century ultramontanism? That's rich. Also, the understanding of "tradition" put forth by anonymous at 8:34 is a complete misunderstanding of what is meant by the word "tradition" when used in relation to matters liturgical, let alone theological.