10 June 2011

Ascension day Mass at the circus

Ascension 2010, Clermont, France


  1. A mass for animals by party animals? Bring on the clowns!!

    At the very least they could have used the 1962 rite, right?

  2. Ascendit Deus in elephanto, alleluia!

  3. Dear Holy Father, please force all the heterodox French bishops to resign now!

    It's not hard to lose one's faith when even the bishops trivialize the Mass at every turn!

  4. Dear Holy Father, please force all the heterodox French bishops to resign now!
    Sortacatholic, Our pontiff should be deposing more than a few "heterodox" French bishops. He needs to depose the entire hierarchy of the Roman Church, and then proceed to take a powder himself to Sicily, Sardinia, or some quiet place in the Egyptian desert. For a retirement devoted to prayer and penitential acts of self-mortification for his malfeasance and incompetence.
    I'm sure the genuinely holy men at the monastery of St. Catherine's in the Sinai desert would be delighted to host the former bishop or Rome.

  5. Anonymous: Pope Benedict gave us the Mass back. Can't you chip him for that? That's certainly something to rejoice over! Finally, we get a blessed break from a fifty year failed experiment in prefab liturgy by academics. Just like the cheap and sterile apartment towers of the former Eastern Bloc have toppled under the revitalization of neglected historical treasures, so has the Church rediscovered the ancient rites that have fueled piety for centuries.

    Yes, Pope Benedict and his predecessor have failed re: the abuse scandal. Pope Benedict hasn't moved forward to encourage the resignation of criminal bishops. These are grave omissions that hopefully will be corrected by a Council. What's the best way to combat abuse in the meantime? The rosary, a worthy communion, and a priest's devoutly said Mass. Endless speculation about the future yields little, even for vengeful souls like mine.