5 June 2011

A sloppy welcome

This is a picture from yesterday's ordination of priests for the English Ordinariate at Southwark Cathedral. There are more here. It is a pity that the Archbishop and his MC can't get the details of the modern rite of ordination right, and that those in the choir aren't interested anyway. The poor ordinands. They deserve better.


  1. Yer, just loved the way the seventh candle was hidden away on the Epistle side...

  2. Sorry to nitpick, but isn't the archbishop required to wear the dalmatic at ordinations?

    Where did they get that dreadful altar and the appointments for such a beautiful cathedral. That throne is a horror!! Isn't it time to get rid of
    the 60s and 70s look?

  3. Novus Ordo delenda est.

  4. Be happy for the new priests. So, their ordination Mass was lackluster. The new priests will go back to ad orientem and western liturgical patrimony soon enough. We need the Ordinariate clergy to aid the restoration of Roman Catholicism.

    The lack of at least a Benedictine altar arrangement, the low church ceremony and vestments, and the general ceremonial disregard says volumes about the often poor liturgical life of the Church in England. Hopefully the Ordiniarate priests will be the leaven for better liturgy and worship.