4 June 2011

There's disobedience and disobedience.

Over at Pray Tell there asking "Is this prelate disobeying the pope?" They seem to have picked up on an article which asks "Is this prelate disobeying a pope?" Note the difference.

Anyway, the folks at Pray Tell are getting all excited about the galero sported by this prelate earlier in the year. Go enjoy the comments on their post. Nice to see them taking rules about ecclesiastical dress so seriously at last.

As for the prelate concerned, maybe the galero isn't strictly permitted now. Maybe he was breaking a rule. Maybe he was making a prophetic gesture. Maybe he was humbly accepting a gift and showing good manners. Pray Tell doesn't seem to know.

If he was in the wrong, he's not the only prelate to disobey dress rules. Perhaps Pray Tell would like to examine the dress of this prelate and compare it to the rules published by the popes. They could even have a bit of a look at the other rules he has broken and see if there's a more substantial post they could put up. They could title it "This prelate is disobeying the pope".

Folks, there is disobedience and there is disobedience.


  1. I can't see any disobedience. One is a cardinal and the other is a double glazing salesman!

  2. Collegeville could do with an apostolic visitation.

  3. Looking at the Cardinal, Widow Twanky comes to mind, a ridiculouse outfit to wear how can it be taken seriously,he even looks a bit sheepish wearing it.

  4. It looks as if Cardinal Burke is auditioning for a role in a movie about Cardinal Wolsey. I know,
    a cameo role in "The Tudors"!!

  5. It's not disobedience anyway because nothing that happened after 1962 (i. e. the galero being abolished) matters in the extraordinary form.