28 July 2011

Hey, somone left a clay jug on the altar!

No kidding. This is a Mass at a Catholic school run by Benedictine monks. It's the pic they use to promote their "Thursday Worship and Family Mass". Go check it out here.

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  1. These post modernist, last throes of the 60s style liturgies with their pottery chalices and flagons of clay on bland, stone ironing boards, have become oh so underwhelming and boring. Particularly considering the very beautiful and traditional campus buildings which should invite Worth School to restore some sense of a traditional sacred place.

    What's more, the consecration of a flagon of wine (whether silver or of clay)as seen in the photo, is forbidden by the rubrics. However, who pays much attention to the Congregation of Divine Worship anyway? The CDW can send all the responses (notitiae) they wish to their heart's content, they will be ignored by most bishops. Worth Abbey doesn't appear to be an exception.