20 July 2011

Ordinations at the Cathedral of Notre Dame de la Treille, Lille

A picture from the recent ordination to the priesthood by the Archbishop of Lille, France, in his cathedral. 

What the newly-ordained priest in the left of the picture is thinking one can guess, maybe, but the Archbishop seems to be right there at home with it all. What an altar.

Pity the folks in the chairs who have to look at the sanctuary. It gives new meaning to "seeing red" in a liturgy.


  1. Are those not Pimpernel colors in the sanctuary? At least the newly ordained priest and deacon were wearing collars under their albs, something that in the North of France only the Lefebvrist's are accused of.

  2. I must admit that I prefer this ordination: http://www.icrsp.org/IMAGES-APOSTOLATS/IMAGES-2011/GRICIGLIANO/Ordinations-2011/Sacerdoce/sacerdoce.htm

  3. The ordinand is musing, "Dieu merci, j'ai apporté ma chasuble propre!"