27 July 2011

Notitiae Responses

A few blogs reported the excellent on-line resource of a database of the responses to liturgical questions by the Congregation for Divine Worship in their journal Notitiae translated into English.

Some of the recent responses forbid some pretty common abuses, such as the 'everyone has to hold something up during the doxology of the Eucharistic prayer' practice.

It seemed like a good inclusive idea at the time.

There's plenty more, especially for bishops. Go to the database here and brush up on what's just not on. Send the link to your pastor, liturgy coordinator or bishop. It may just be that their subscription to Notitiae has run out, and you'll be doing them a service.

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  1. Friend Percy,

    Have you actually read these? The Novus Ordo unfolds in all its banal glory through them, and they're certainly nothing I would want on the radar of the chancery lituratchik.

    "The restored Missal does not supplement the old one but has replaced it"

    "It must never be forgotten that the Missal of Pope Paul VI, from the year 1970, has taken the place of that which is improperly called "the Missal of St Pius V" and that it has done this totally, whether with regard to texts or rubrics."

    "b) Moreover, the faithful stand during the entire eucharistic Prayer, except for the consecration. In practice, the faithful remain kneeling from the epiclesis before the consecration until the acclamation after the consecration."

    "The holy Church has preferred that extraordinary ministers of holy Communion be multiplied, whether men or women, rather than to tolerate that the biblical gesture be abandoned."

    "c) in giving approval to this vernacular variation [for all] in this liturgical text, nothing incorrect has slipped in which requires correction or emendation."