25 July 2011

Virgilio Cardinal Noè (1922-2011) RIP

Virgilio Cardinal Noè died on July 24th at the age of 89. RIP.

Cardinal Noè was in the thick of the implementation of the liturgical reform after the Council and bitterly opposed any contuned celebration of the traditional Mass. That's now between him and God.

In 2008 he gave an interview to Bruno Volpe. The orginal Italian is here. Some extracts:

Q. Paul VI’s denunciation of the presence of the smoke of Satan in the Church is unforgettable. Still today, that discourse seems to be incredibly relevant.
A. “...I am in a position to reveal, for the first time, what Paul VI desired to denounce with that statement. Here it is. Papa Montini, for Satan, meant to include all those priests or bishops and cardinals who didn’t render worship to the Lord by celebrating badly Holy Mass because of an errant interpretation of the implementation of the Second Vatican Council. He spoke of the smoke of Satan because he maintained that those priests who turned Holy Mass into dry straw in the name of creativity, in reality were possessed of the vainglory and the pride of the Evil One. so, the smoke of Satan was nothing other than the mentality which wanted to distort the traditional and liturgical canons of the Eucharistic ceremony.”

Q. In conclusion, Your Eminence, what is true liturgy?
A. "It renders glory to God. Liturgy must be carried out always and no matter what with decorum: even a sign of the Cross poorly made is synonymous with scorn and sloppiness. Alas...after Vatican II it was believed that everything, or nearly, was permitted. Now it is necessary to recover, and in a hurry, the sense of the sacred in the ars celebrandi, before the smoke of Satan completely pervades the whole Church. Thanks be to God, we have Pope Benedict XVI: his Mass and his liturgical style are an example of correctness and dignity."

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  1. Comforting to know that Noe who always appeared to be on the wrong side was such a fan of Pope Benedict. Maybe he wasn`t so bad after all.