6 December 2010

Ad honorem sacræ liturgiæ!

Ad honorem sacræ liturgiæ! That the purpose of this blog.

With and under our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, more and more people are waking up to the realisation that the sacred liturgy is too important to be neglected and that it has been badly abused since the Second Vatican Council. A new liturgical springtime is apon us. Many, many good things are happening to promote and protect the honour of the sacred liturgy. This blog intends to praise and support them.

But the old, tired "Vatican II liturgists" linger. They bemoan the cracks betokening the collapse of the house they so carefully built on the shifting sand of their day. Their day has come and now it has gone. Tomorrow belongs to others. Where necessary, this blog will expose their feeble efforts to stop the inevitable march of time.

There is also a lot of liturgical stupidity about, on all sides. The honour of the sacred liturgy demands that this be seen for what it is, whether it be a group of amateur traditionalists playing at pontifical Mass and getting it horribly wrong, or a horde of liturgical dancers pretending that they are adding to the worship of Almighty God through their public contortions. Such phenomena deserve ridicule, and this blog will happily provide it.

In all things, ad honorem sacræ liturgiæ!

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