7 December 2010

Whatever you do, don't tell your grandparents!

It seems that the ageing liturgical establishement can't really cope with the ongoing outbreak of celebrations of the older liturgy. Yesterday saw the Pray Tell blog trot out a dubious and old report from the London Tablet insisting that there is no growing interest in the old rites. Really? Well, it is probably comforting for them to tell themselves that, but today pilgrimages and publications, blogs and businesses all thrive on the growng interest in the older ways, and more Masses and the other sacraments celebrated according to them pop up here, there, indeed almost everywhere. Neither the Tablet or Pray Tell will stop such progress.

How are sales these days Paul?

It's jolly knavish of these chaps to pretend otherwise though, unfortunately, it is quite to be expected. The edlerly must be allowed their illusions. Those who still teach the lie that "Vatican II changed all that" in their seminars, courses and paperbacks all built on the desirability of discontinuity do need to reassure themselves these days.

Go over and have a look at the article here, and especially at the comments: poor old Paul Inwood is in quite a state. It will give anyone with liturgical and historical perspective a good laugh. If you're actually interested in the reality of the matter, you might care to look at this response to the article from The Tablet.

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