22 December 2010

Putting the best foot forward?

Sometimes those around our Fathers in God just don't take good enough care of them when they are celebrating the sacred liturgy. What did Saint Augustine say? Quod minimum, minimum est. Sed in minimo fidelem esse, magnum est.

No criticism of any prelate concerned is being made here. Perhaps this shows how hard-working and well-intentioned prelates can be let down by those around them. Perhaps it is also a reminder to dot our liturgical i's and cross liturgical t's lest we appear amateur when we should be at our very best. Ad honorem sacræ liturgiæ!

In Marseille the Archbishop doesn't get a cope for Benediction.

In Nottingham, four out of seven candlesis got lit.
The new Archbishop of Oaklahoma City could at least have been given an alb.

Might someone have helped the Holy Father to get the red hats on right?

The Archbishop of New York could have done with a purple cope for vespers.

Thank God (and the Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend)
that this is not anything liturgical. Or is it?

The Bishop of Versailles in mozzetta and cope.


  1. Well said.

    And to think that these are some of the less egregious examples!

    In my experience, too many of my brother priests were never taught these things. And not a few of them are now prelates themselves.

    As they say, "Rome was not built in a day", but it seems to have taken relatively "less than a day" to deconstruct it. It's going to take an enormous effort and not a little time to rebuild from the foundations.

    But, happily, the effort has begun.

  2. The Nottingham pontifical liturgy took place in a Dominican Church if I am not mistaken. The Dominican has some different rubrics for the lighting of candles depending on the feast day. That could be the reason for the odd number of lit candles.

  3. I think that for the Nottingham liturgy the candles got blown off by a gust of wind. I'll try to find where I read that soon.