17 August 2011

Prayer and ritual for (some) religious women

The Pimpernel is grateful to a reader for sending in the link to our own Leadership Conference of Religious Women's recent Assembly. There's some interesting looking prayer and ritual.
Jan Novotka (left) leads the assembly in prayer and ritual

Through ritual Mary Hughes, OP is blessed by the assembly
before she delivers her presidential address

More here. No pics of any Eucharists though. They would be interesting.

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  1. What the heck is being projected onto the screen? I know it's not supposed to "mean" anything, but still ...

    On nuns in mufti: it's easy for laypersons to criticize women religious who don't wear a habit or even the reformed veil. Some nuns might have good reason to not wear a habit or veil, such as social workers. Still, I find it unfortunate that some religious do not wish to witness Christ in the world through the humility of their habit. If I were a lay-brother I certainly would not hesitate to appear in public in my habit.