2 August 2011

There's no turning back this clock

The Pimpernel congratulates all those responsible for the pontifical Mass at the faldstool in the presence of a greater prelate reported on the NLM and recently celebrated at the new Carmel in Elysburg. (Perhaps, though, someone could donate a gold miter to Bishop Waltershied?) Well done folks!

How far we have come in such a short time. To think that there are those who think that a future pope could reverse Summorum Pontificum and its many fruits. 


  1. It's even more absurd to think the Novus Ordo is going to be reversed too. The publication of
    the Roman Missal (3rd edition) is proof, this pope
    is a not-so-secret admirer of the NO. It's here to
    stay, so learn to live with it.

  2. I am personally convinced that Pope Benedict loves the TLM just as much as we do. I'd like to think that every once in a while he has a chance to break away from the Italian OF he says for his servants every morning and say a Low Mass instead.

    Pope Benedict cannot at this time say a pontifical TLM due to political reasons. He would risk an informal schism if he celebrated the fullness of the Roman Rite right in the face of litniks. If there were no political barriers, I am certain he would have said a TLM right after Summorum Pontificum, if not earlier.

    If Pope Benedict ever says the TLM in public, it might not be a bad idea for him to celebrate it in the Lateran rather than St. Peter's. Less cameras, less pundits. The Mass could be covered up as an episcopal visit.

    The aging litniks will choke on their issue of Worship if they saw Pope Benedict enter St. Peter's or the Lateran in full traditional choir dress. Expect a progressive Catholic emotional and verbal tsunami if Pope Benedict were to follow the Tridentine Pontifical exactly and reveal the splendor of Romanitas! (It's almost as if the awesome patrimony of Roman Christianity is kryptonite to litniks.)

    We trads know that the litniks will do anything to slamdown this Mass. Is it really worth it to endure their slings and arrows? Damn yes! But somehow Pope Benedict, in his wisdom, isn't ready for the inevitable progressive vs. traditional battle that a Tridentine Pontifical will bring about.

  3. Sure, and how many editions did the Quignonez breviary go through?

  4. Friend Percy,

    I agree, there is "No Turning Back This Clock," however, do not be fooled by photographs. I live in this diocese, and am in a position to know that the fellow in purple is doing his level best to if not turn back the clock, then to keep the clock hands frozen just where they are, lest they tick any further.

    Don't believe every picture you see.