28 March 2011

The "1882 line"

The Pimpernel rejoices with the petulant Patricius. Shortly after his recent 23rd birthday he found his pearl of great price and having sold all ecclesial and liturgical reality he has lovingly embraced a 1882 Diurnal as the consummation of all Truth and liturgy. What a difference 80 years makes. 1882 yesterday, today and forever!

Let the youth speak for himself:

Where to draw the line?
"I had good fun today reciting Vespers for the first time in my life before Noon, and it worked out quite well for me as I spent the afternoon with some girlfriends. You know I think I have found the pearl of great price? I have found liturgical orthodoxy and reckoned for myself a healthy equilibrium for the decent ordering of my life. I have known the bishop of Rome, and now safely reject and repudiate everything he says and does with the uttermost disdain. I've stopped reading most blogs, and even bothering overmuch with this one. I shall go to the grave with my liturgical convictions, but perhaps thinking less about them will make me happier, or a better person."

If you read this, God bless you and keep you, young sir. Enjoy your time with your girlfriends.

The truth be told, the Pimpernel would prefer a diurnal from 1482, but hey, to draw a line in 1482, 1882 or 1962 according to personal preference is artificial, arrogant and immature. Such cafeteria traditionalism is not Catholic. What matters is what the Church does, at least if you want to remain part of it.



  1. Pimpernel,

    I prefer 1965, but, as Homer Simpson says "whatta ya gonna do?" By the grace of God 1962 is freely open to us, unlike before. By the grace of God, 1970 (in its 2002 form) is renewed with a new translation. By the grace of God, we will have a "new" Anglican-Catholic liturgy. We do have plenty to choose from. Patricius reminds me of the "angry young man" from the Styx song, "Foolin' Yourself." I, too, was once an angry young man, who also knew all the answers. Now, I am just a middle age, balding, overweight guy who realizes that we must humbly trust in the Lord.

    James Ignatius McAuley

  2. It's such a shame. In his latest post he criticizes the people who celebrated the occasion of the first Mass at the High Altar of York Minster since Mary Tudor. He pooh-poohed this amazingly glorious occasion (as anyone who has been to York Minster would understand) because....the Mass was 1962 Missal.

    What a shame he gets so little joy out of the Faith.

  3. Its seems as he gets older he pushes back the liturgical line. I am thinking that by the time he is 40 he will be celebrating the liturgy of the apostolic times , by 60 he will be celebrating the jewish liturgy of the temple. By then it will be a question of which temple liturgy. If he makes it to 70 he will be celebrating as a wandering aramaean.

  4. Mutatis mutandis it smacks of : ”I’m for Paul, I’m for Apollos, I’m for…whatever.”