31 March 2011

That's just so...

...? What do you think. Completing words or phrases in a comment please. The pictures of this priest celebrating Mass from his iPad come from here. Some of the other arrangements deserve a word or two also.


  1. ...Techy

    I don't have a problem with the iPad if he is using the official texts.

    As to picture #2. Somebody is airing their dirty laundry!!

  2. Questions : Why is this priest saying Mass outside on an old table, with the minimum requirements ? Are there no churches in Italy anymore ? Could Father not have made more of an 'effort' to celebrate Mass with greater dignity - if he can afford ipod, he can afford something decent for the liturgy. I think a 'beautiful' missal is more suitable and more dignified for the Mass. iPad should be used in instances of need and not as a matter of course for the public celebration of the liturgy. Don't get me wrong : I am for the proper use of modern technology. The use of ipod at Mass is just pure novelty, like so much in the liturgy today. Fr. A.

  3. I'm in agreement with Joe. There's nothing that says the liturgical texts must be read out of a certain red leather-bound book. If the proper texts are in digital format, more power to him. But that's about the only acceptable thing I see in the picture--except that he did actually use a pall over the chalice.

    Where is the chasuble? Is this somehow optional for "informal" Masses? Since when did Divine Worship become an event so mundane that the equivalent of liturgical "business casual" is acceptable?

    Why are we outside to begin with. He's not at a cemetery. It appears that the Mass is outside just because it's a nice day. I'm all for celebrating the glory of God in nature, but give me a break! It's like the priest is TRYING to offend the sensibilities of God and the Angels.

    Sunglasses? If he were indoors, he wouldn't need them, now would he?

    The laundry hanging in the background really adds to the ambience, as if to say "The Mass is just as mundane and humdrum as doing laundry..." Very poetic indeed.

    I weep for this priest and the one or two people in his al fresco congregation (as seen in the photo). "Lord, forgive them. They know not what they do!"

  4. My pastor hasn't worn a chasuable in years. I don't even think he owns one. I find this is becoming increasingly more common in the U.S. and even in Europe.

    As for the outdoor Mass, if this were a matter of an emergency, where the parish church in the neighborhood had burned down, I could understand this type of outdoor liturgy. Otherwise, in Italy which has a church every few feet, I don't see where this informal arrangement should be necessary.

    By the way,that makeshift altar is a horror!!!

  5. Father DeViese,

    It is not a question of the colour of the binding etc. (that is rather peripheral), it is a question of the dignity of the liturgy, and more even. Is Father using or ARE the texts of the sacred liturgy on his ipod/internet actually approved ? How do we know, unless they were placed on the internet with an imprimatur etc. This is a serious point. It is important to ensure that official texts are used. But I do agree with the rest of your comment. Fr. A.M.

  6. This iPad is being used as nothing more than a high-tech altar card. Troubles me not in the slightest.

    Everything else, however, is pretty horrifying.