15 March 2011

What, this?

The Ordinary of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham over there in England seems to be a measured, educated and polite man, a true gentleman. 

It is unlikely that he would ever speak publicly about the truly exceptional proposal of the English Bishops, or perhaps of just the Archbishop of Westminster, to give this building to the Ordinariate for its central church/cathedral or whatever it is to be called.

The Ordinary may not be saying anything in public, but the Pimpernel suspects that he's thinking a lot about how this and Anglican heritage sit together, or not. He may be even saying one or two things about it in private, and to his Council.

Any ideas on what he might be thinking or saying?

Suggestions in a comment please, or even on a postcard addressed to the Archbishop of Westminster.


  1. To paraphrase an old college professor of mine: He's not thinking, because if he were thinking, he wouldn't have thought that!

  2. Where is the canon? It looks like a gun tower or a bunker, really. Mike Forbes, Minnesota