26 March 2011

A new cathedral

The folks down there in Amarillo, West Texas, got a new cathedral yesterday. Its big, clean, modern and expensively furnished. Bishop Zurek can boast a real achievement.

Bishop Zurek must be a humble man, 'cause his cathedra is pretty simple. Looks like there's lots of musical folks about, given the size of the organ and the number of choir seats. Strange that in a cathedral the tabernacle is where it is, but it was built as a parish church and it's a nice traditional touch. Relics behind the tabernacle? Great lighting. It's got a baptismal pool too.

The Bishop of Amarillo
"Incorporating the past with the new and finally to put to rest the soul of Sacred Heart Cathedral within its’ daughter church: St. Mary’s Church", the diocese's website tells us. More details, photos and a history here.

For the modern liturgy as it's usually celebrated this arrangement works. It is a nice, comfortable religious auditorium with all the necessary equipment. The real question is, does it lead people to worship of God or the celebration of themselves?


  1. The place has color and texture and has most everything in the right place. With the erection as a Cathedral, reservation should be moved to the lovely tabernacle in the Adoration Chaple. The problem is that this is not very transcendent.

    Does anyone know what is behind the row of chairs on the left? It looks like some kind of altar. Should not be. This should be in a separate chapel. It is modern and fitting. I could like something else better,
    The Rev. Michael P. Forbes
    Rochester, MN

  2. Brick by brick!

  3. Why have some Catholic bishops taken to wearing mitres in liturgical colours? White, gold, and precious are the only mitres approved by the Church. Green, red, blue, stripey, leopard print, etc should not be used to make mitres!

  4. Inside and outside, it's an eye sore.

  5. It's pretty obvious that the sideboard on the gospel side of the sanctuary is the altar at which the EF will be offered. Putting the people side-on means that they get to have a gander at what the priest does when he lets the crab out of the tabernacle, allowing them to feel like proper co-celebrants of the Holy Mysteries. In keeping with the best traditions of the EF, it will also allow at least two masses to be celebrated simultaneously in the church.

    What's that I hear? No -- it's only the handrail for the disabled ramp so that wheelchair-bound EMHCs can roll out the ciborium, patten, wicker basket, ceramic pot or whatever it is they use to distribute the Most Holy Sacrament. *sigh*

  6. This "cathedral" is pure Texas. It reminds me of a tabernacle alright, a southern Baptist tent revival with the band and choir ready to perform, and the bishop ready to christen in the big tank wearing his miter flashing a huge Texas lone star on the front of it.

    Now where did they put that barbecue pit and my bourbon and branch water I ordered?