15 March 2011

The scandal of Thiberville, week three

The scandal continues. For the third week in a row the church in Thiberville, full of people of all ages for its Sunday Mass until just last month, saw the walkout of all but ten parishioners at the beginning of Sunday Mass. They had gathered before Mass, as usual, to pray the rosary.

A pointless demonstration? Perhaps not. The Bishop of Evreaux has a meeting with representatives of the parish this week. The parishoners want him to give the Cure emeritus, who remains in the old presbytery saying Mass privately, one of the many churches in the parish to use.

If anyone has any doubt about the Bishop Nourrichard's insight into the liturgical sensibilities involved in this situation, or of that of the priests he has sent to replace the Abbe Michel, take look at the video of the old rite Mass of Quinquagesima celebrated a week ago. The link is in the update to last week's post.

Go, the Mass is started.

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