11 March 2011

So, what color is purple?

Concelebration is one of those fruits of the Second Vatican Council's liturgical reform. It lets more chasubles out of the cupboard for an airing at the same time. Here we see the Archbishop of Southwark, England, and the Ordinary of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, and two Monsignors on Ash Wednesday.

His Excellency is sporting a very festive miter. But the real question is, just what color is purple anyway? The Pimpernel bets the Ordinary knows, but was too polite to say.


  1. Do you not know anything about fashion? This lenten season pink is the new purple.

  2. Both shades of purple are correct. Misguided liturgist claim that one shade if for Advent and the other is for Lent. Not so! Not uncommon or improper to use either or, or an admixture of both in the same sanctuary. Just so long as it's not blue!