21 February 2011

Another whinging rebel

The Pimpernel is at a loss to know exactly what it is about Australians. Here our whinging rebels weep and boast about it in journals. Down under they keep threatening outright disobedience in their newspapers.

The latest even has the cheek to say that ''I've no problems with changing things - it's part of my philosophy that you've got to change and grow and develop. It's the fact that this is going backwards instead of going forwards.''

This gem of logic is from Father John Crothers (pictured), Pastor of the Parish of Penshurst in the Archdiocese of Sydney. That’s Cardinal’ Pell’s patch. The good Cardinal happens to be the Chairman of Vox Clara, the Vatican group in charge of the new ICEL translation. 

Father Crothers cannot in good conscience use the new texts, the newspaper reports.

The Pimpernel thinks that this might be an interesting test case. Will Cardinal Pell tolerate open defiance of the Holy See and of himself?

Perhaps His Eminence will be understanding, and make the path easier for Father Crothers to follow his conscience, elsewhere.

Father Crothers, the Cardinal is a big man. He’s an Australian also. He probably won't boast about what he intends to do in the newspapers. But he'll do it for sure. The Pimpernel suggests you take your own advice and “change and grow and develop”. Or find another job.


PS. Before comments arrive from the usual prolific Cafeteria Traditionalist or appear on the sectarian blog run by his rather confused disciple about how wicked the Pimpernel is for criticising this poor priest when the Pimpernel himself is concerned to protest about another matter, there is a world of difference, gentlemen, maybe an eternal difference, between appeals that promise loyalty and obedience to the authority Christ instituted and public declarations of disobedience. Ubi Petrus, ibi ecclesia, chaps, even if we think Peter could have done better.


  1. Father Crothers and his ilk are relics whose stunts are nothing less than puerile demands for attention. They know what's coming: an end to do-as-you-please liturgy, their beige-catholicism and relativism in theological guise. The new translation of the Missal is a big step in the correct direction, i.e., towards faithfulness and authentic stewardship of the Sacraments, a reclamation of beauty (in prayer and music) and a rejection of the banal. The new translation is a vote for the True, the Good and the Beautiful.

    The cadre of so-called liturgists who have held sway over the sacred rites and language of worship for 40 years (causing us to wander in the desert of their stunted version of Catholicism) should either get on board with the program of renewal or pack up their clown suits and incense-bearing vestal virgins and join the foundering barge of the CofE.

    I imagine Cardinal Pell will take out Fr. Collarless with a TKO in the second round.

  2. Yes, I can’t imagine Cdl. Pell putting up with this defiance (“A word in yer ear, mate!”). But as usual it is the dissenting voices that get the most press - as in Ireland with the Association of Catholic Priests and assorted examples here in the US (McBrien et al.).

    While all the Apostles quietly slipped away after Gethsemani, Peter remained…and proceeded to deny Christ. The Gospels don’t report what the other 10 might have had to say, but they do quote Peter. Of course Peter repented and gave his life for Christ.

    Now as to modern-day dissenters… well there’s still time folks, but it’s getting late for some of you.

  3. Is it a coincidence that Fr Z has just posted on this or did he use your stuff without a HT to the Pimpernel? JD, Wisconsin

  4. JD, that blogger is a "team player". He would never do that.