3 February 2011

The Confession App

Well, it can't hurt, can it? If it helps people go to confession and to make better ones it can't be all bad. It does have an 'Imprimatur'. Does anyone use it? What do people think? Is there a traddy version? Does it have a translation facility for confessing whilst overseas, or a save-function for the 'usuals'?

More details here.

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  1. I just purchased it, and am in the process of exploring it. At first glance, it seems like this app could be a extremely useful to the Faithful of all levels of catechesis and praxis. There doesn't appear to be a translation function, nor a "traddy" version. But I don't subscribe to the school of thought that asserts that there are separate sets of sins for "traddies" and "novus ordo catholics." Sin is sin. The moral law didn't change with Vatican II.

    I do however see the value of perhaps making the program conform to a more traditional examination of conscience. In my opinion as a confessor, the more "modern" examinations of conscience are rarely effective in helping the Faithful to confess fully.

    The "examination" list is customizable to one's state in life, but it seems to leave out some categories that should be included and emphasized. The most obvious of these regards sexual sins, for which no separate category exists (at least not if you list your "vocation" as "priest").

    The option of multiple user profiles is interesting. Thankfully, the profiles are password protected.

    This is far from a full review, but overall I do think this app is useful, and I hope that the Christian Faithful will avail themselves of it. My own experience tells me that most who go to confession regularly will not have much use for it. But for those who rarely (or ever) confess their sins, this app might be a break in the ice to get them to go more regularly (esp. since it actually keeps track of when your last confession was, and lets you know how many days it's been...).

    Like most things, it could be improved. But over all, it's a good thing. (The price might be off-putting, in which case the author may consider either lowering it or figuring out a way to make it free, so as to make it available to more people.)