27 February 2011

What a difference a week makes, in Thiberville

Modern French liturgy arrives in Thiberville

Have you been following the Thiberville affair? If not, Google it for some background, especially on video.

Anyways, last Sunday the vanquished Pastor, Father Michael, offered his last Mass there. The video is here.

Today Sunday Mass was celebrated by the new priest, Father Vivien, who is not the resident Pastor, but comes in from somewhere else. The only problem is that almost all of the parishoners, who had gathered to pray the Rosary before Mass, walked out as he walked in. Perhaps it was the extraordinary ministrix of the crucifix that did it, or perhaps they just didn't want to see poor Father shiver to death without a chasuble in the cold climes of northern France. More details here.

The Pimpernel raises his sword (but not in salute) to the Bishop of Evreaux who has worked tirelessly over the last year to bring about this change.


  1. I suggest a caption for this photo: Naked priest led by woman in fancy dress!
    Having attended mass in France in the heat of summer when, occasionally, I witnessed priests who were similarly stripped I thought it a regrettable if understandable concession to the heat.

  2. "ministrix". Awesome neologism! Public domain?

    The French Church has been on the ventilator for decades now. Ditto their cousins in Quebec. Here in Montreal the circa-mid 70's DIY Missal-and-chasuble-optional "messe Quebecois" is still all the rage for the five people who show up to endure the "Mass". Ditto the mother country. I distinctly remember that the French country Novus Ordo Masses were also sparsely attended. The leaflet missals in French churches list EP II as the primary eucharistic prayer with the Canon hidden in an appendix. ::sigh::

    The last hope for the apostolic faith in France is the Extraordinary Form. The few French that are still observant overwhelmingly prefer the ancient rite, whether licit or illicit. The French prelates have to snap out of their Age of Aquarius bong hit before the eldest daughter of the Western Church fully capsizes into absolute secular apathy or worse.

  3. Maybe it is a good thing he is not wearing a chasuble. If he was it would be one of those multicolored sets that screams out: Do not adjust your television, this is only a test.

  4. Today a crucifer, tomorrow a presbyter. Good bless the ladies and the celebrant in his alb and stole. The purity of his heart is what counts and not the cut of his poncho, or the colors on it.

    The fact French parishioners get up and walk out at the sight of a women carrying a crucifix simply proves, even the French, are as capable of boorish behavior as other papists are.

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