24 February 2011

Romanitas Press

There's a new liturigical publishing house on the block called Romanitas Press. It describes itself as "an apostolate of liturgical media for the Roman liturgy".

With ceremonial guides in printed book form and in downloadable files, as well as articles and news of events for training servers and MCs, and useful links, it's a site worth keeping an eye on. For those who read Latin the reprinting of Mgr Callewart's liturgical works (pictured) is a boon.

Cafeteria traditionalists beware - some of the material promoted by this site conforms the liturgical books in force in 1962.


  1. I taught myself to offer the traditional Mass using Msgr. Callewart's manual, not to mention the pre-1955 (scusi, Pimpernel!)ceremonies of Holy Week. I highly recommend it.

  2. Are these approved for liturgical use, or are they just study guides? I don't see markers, so I presume that they're just for the library.

  3. I've ordered three of these books so far (all by Msgr. Callewaert). The first of them has arrived (on the ceremonies of Mass), and it is beautifully done. Really, it could not be better; excellent printing, sturdy paper, and an attractive, practical binding. I highly recommend these long out-of-print volumes from Romanitas Press. What an excellent initiative!