1 February 2011

New book alert - Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and Architecture

Further to the NLM report that Four Courts Press will pubish Benedict XVI and Beauty in Sacred Art and Architecture, the proceedings of the second Fota International Confrerence on the Sacred Liturgy in Ireland in 2009, this impressive book can now be ordered through Amazon UK here where they say it's due out next month. It probably won't be available over here in the USA until a bit later, but you can sign up for information here. It looks like it will be well worth a read.

From the publisher's website:

This volume consists of the proceedings of the second Fota International Liturgy Conference, held in 2009. It explores Joseph Ratzinger’s theology of beauty, with reference to the integral role of art and architecture as the context of liturgical worship.
Contents: D. Vincent Twomey, Introduction;

George Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, The aesthetic theory of Joseph Ratzinger;

Joseph Murphy (Vatican Secretariat of State), The face of Christ as criterion for Christian beauty;

Janet E. Rutherford, The ‘Triumph of Orthodoxy’ and the future of western ecclesiastical art;

Daniel Gallagher (Vatican Secretariat of State), The philosophical foundations of liturgical aesthetics;

Alcuin Reid (liturgical scholar), Noble simplicity revisited;

Uwe Michael Lang (Consultor to the Office for the Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff ), Benedict XVI and the theological foundation of church architecture;

Helen Ratner Dietz (ind.), The nuptial meaning of classic church architecture;

Neil J. Roy (U Notre Dame), The galilee chapel: a mediaeval notion comes of age;

Duncan Stroik (U Notre Dame), Benedict XVI and the architecture of beauty;

Ethan Anthony (Cram & Ferguson Architects), New Gothic and Romanesque Catholic architecture in N. America.

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  1. Four Courts Press is a fantastic publisher; they have contributed a lot to Irish historical studies. Some real gems. I am disappointed that Fr Twomey was chosen to chair this Conference; if I remember correctly, he was critical of Summorum Pontificum. His book The End of Irish Catholicism? was absolute rubbish.