16 February 2011

A call to arms!

So, yes, something is going on in the Vatican. According to Rorate Caeli attempts are being made to "interpret away" the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum. Well, that should not surprise anyone. Pope Benedict has real "enemies within" the Vatican who oppose his rule. The Pimpernel hinted at this some days ago.

According to Rorate Caeli now is the time to act to prevent such a debacle. One thing is for sure, the powers behind the throne in Rome don't like bad publicity. If Catholics around the world make it clear that any backtracking on the legal force of Summorum Pontificum will cause scandal, division, dismay and defection, they will backtrack themselves with amazing speed. If our Holy Father becomes aware that what is proposed would truly harm the Church, he will intervene to stop it.

To arms! It is time to defend the honour of the Sacred Liturgy! Andrea Tornelli's talk this morning of the possibility of Archbishop Filoni being 'kicked upstairs', even if it takes place, won't happen soon enough. We must all act, now.

Rorate Caeli has some good suggestions for action. Readers may have others.

UPDATE: Rorate Caeli has a further post.


  1. Let's all act. We should collect more people to the cause. It's not only a cause. It's a matter of honor.
    Call Spain

  2. Okay. If we get kicked back to the Ecclesia Dei days, this is what we do.

    SACRAMENTAL REVOLT! Organize massive outdoor Solemn Masses with the most in-your-face lace and orchestral choirs. EF loving priests should go on a "Novus Ordo strike" and only say the EF until the sanctions are lifted.

    If the bang-your-tambourine, Peter, Paul, and Mary wannabes got us "Eucharistic ministers", communion in the hand, and altar girls through manifest liturgical disobedience, we traddies can use their tactics to protect our Mass!

    Honestly, I don't think the doomsday scenario is going to happen. Still, we have to tear a page from the liberal playbook if we want to play tough.

  3. So, is this real or manufactured...? I have no illusions about the intrigues and infighting that goes on inside the Vatican, but this seems over the top.

    Real or Memorex...?

  4. Pimpernel,
    you make it sound as if the Pope would sign a document going against his own will, forced, as it were, by evil Cardinal conspirators. That would be even morally worse than wishing to restrict the old Mass himself. The fact is , that whatever a Pope promulgates, whether good, bad, indifferent, usefull, useless, to our liking or not, it is HIS own responsibility. The Pope is not a victim here. He is the boss, SO please let's stop making excusdes for him, or any other Pope for that matter. Albertus