15 February 2011

Cardinal Ranjith takes possession of San Lorenzo in Lucina

Courtesy of Rome Reports here is a taste of the liturgical reception of that great champion of the Sacred Liturgy, Cardinal Ranjith, from the taking of possession of his titular church of San Lorenzo in Lucina last Sunday. Ad multos annos!


  1. Great minds think alike! I posted this on my blog Sunday evening!!! A dear priest friend of mine from Rome alerted me to the news, as he was present for the Mass.

  2. Thank goodness Cdl. Ranjith didn't wear the wearable red silk airport runway known as the cappa magna. This is the main reason I would prefer Cdl. Ranjith rather than Cdl. Burke as a pope. Cdl. Ranjith is willing to mix the best of the reforms (such as the reformed choir dress) with a firm love of the EF. Ranjith's the way forward for a modern EF. Burke is stuck in an effete past that's well past its sell by date.