4 February 2011

Papal Vespers for the Presentation of the Lord

Papal liturgies are pretty good these days. They’re inspiring to be at and a good example to those of us a long way away.  On Wednesday the Pope celebrated solemn vespers for the men and women religious in Rome and gave Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. A rather noble new set of vestments seems to have been used. Sure, the sisters carrying torches are a bit odd, but hey, let's not forget what things were like under Marini I.    

Courtesy of Rome Reports here is a brief clip.


For those who want to see more of the ceremony, KTO TV have the whole thing here (and they don’t usually comment over the liturgical texts like certain American Catholic TV stations).


  1. LP, technically "certain American Catholic TV stations" don't comment over the liturgical texts...those commentaries are supplied by Vatican Radio for their own listeners. Rather than supplying (and paying) their own commentators for the same Papal liturgies, "certain American Catholic TV stations" simply piggy-back on Vatican Radio's broadcast, merging it with CTV (Vatican television)'s footage. As one who had done his fair share of commentaries for Vatican Radio, I can say that this practice seems to be the norm in most of the English-speaking world--not just in the USA.

    I do suppose it's nice to see all the different Catholic outlets cooperating... ;-)

  2. Girls carrying torches at a papal liturgy? Is nothing sacred?

    There are some Catholics who think lady acolytes borders on heresy, in that it encourages both the ladies and the laity to think the priesthood for women is now just around the corner. Sorry, but these people need to get a life. My advice, don't knock what Pope Benedict permits in his liturgies. As he may be the the TLMass traddy's only real friend.