20 February 2011

One suggestion

A married couple have contacted the Pimpernel suggesting that readers should email their concerns about the coming Instruction on Summorum Pontificum to Vatican Departments. It seems like a good idea. The Pimpernel suggests expressions of loyal concern. There's no honour to be found in traddie rants. They'll get nowhere. The NLM's latest post on this gets the tone just right, the Pimpernel thinks.

To email the Holy Father (or at least his office) benedictxvi@vatican.va

To email Cardinal Levada, President of the Pontifical Commission 'Ecclesia Dei' prefect@cfaith.va or eccdei@ecclsdei.va or cdf@cfaith.va

Bloggers and journalists can ask the Vatican Press Office about this by emailing av@pccs.va  

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