15 February 2011

What are they saying?

The Pimpernel is a huge admirer of our own new Cardinal Burke. He’s a fearless champion of the Sacred Liturgy. On January 30th he ordained three new deacons for the Institute of Christ the King at their seminary near Florence. They do the liturgy really well there. So long as you ignore the blue and think it's black, it's close to perfection. There is a sumptuous photo essay of the Mass, reception and lunch here.

Cameras catch lots of things. This photo is from His Eminence’s preparation before processing to the chapel. What are Father Mora, the superior of the seminary, and the great Mgr Schmitz, who does such a great job in these parts, saying over on the right? Discussing the delight of seeing the winter cappa magna, speculating on its length, or refining the menu for lunch? Suggestions in a comment please.


  1. Mgr Schmitz: Maybe next time we can make him wear a blue cappa magna.
    Fr. Mora: Yes... and maybe add more lace.
    Mgr Schmitz: Defintely... even Adrian Fortescue would approve. We need to buy the rights to the next edition of his book and improve a few things.

  2. "Who gets the chair...?"

    "Er...'age before beauty' - you can have it."

  3. Mgr Schmitz: "I haven't seen this much lace since I worked as a stock boy in Vitoria's Secret."

  4. Its all way over the top,it detracts from the most important thing The Holy Mass.

  5. MC Man - how on earth does this "detract" from the mass, when this ceremony doesn't even take place at mass?